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Who is Quo Vadis?

Who is Quo Vadis?

Andy Pike and Sam Miguel of Quo Vadis Financial in Honolulu HawaiiMy main role as an advisor is to help you make good financial decisions and help you to avert doing anything that might be detrimental to your life situation.  If you have a question or concern, or even a passing thought about something, and it has anything to do with money, I want to be the person who comes to mind first.  The topic doesn’t matter.

I am a fiduciary, which means that I will always act in your best interests above everything else.  I take my fiduciary role very seriously and will not ever compromise on that.  I believe this is one of the foundational items that allows me to have wonderful trusting relationships with clients.

I really do four things:

I am a mentor.

In this role, trust is the most critical factor.  A trusting relationship takes priority over everything else.  I’m passionate in my belief that a clients’ money isn’t as important to me as our relationship.  I view all my clients as family first…the financial aspects are important, but are secondary to a trusting relationship.

I am a coach.

My role is to help you do better in the financial arena, just as a sports coach guides athletes to be their best.  I’m more of a life coach with a focus on finances.  A lot of what I coach clients about has nothing to do with money.

I am a teacher.

I believe clients should have a basic understanding of things before they ever invest or buy any type of financial product.  Some clients like a lot of information about financial topics and others like less…or even none!  My guiding principle is that no one should ever buy or invest in anything they don’t understand.  As I said, some clients only want the basic information which is perfectly fine, but transparency, honesty, and my fiduciary role guide everything I say to, and do for, clients.

I am a catalyst.

Once we decide on a course of action, I will make sure we do everything necessary to get things done.  I know how busy life gets.  My clients all have busy lives and life can get in the way of getting important things done sometimes.  My job as a catalyst is to keep those items front and center, and to ensure we don’t lose focus on the items that need action.  I  have built an awesome team over the last 12 years and every team member has the same client-first focus.

Andy Pike Bio

Financial Advisor, AIF®, CLU®, Owner


Andy Pike, Financial Advisor, Quo Vadis Financial Honolulu HawaiiAfter a 26-year career as a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, Andy went into the financial service industry  to continue leading people in making better financial decisions.  His passion: To ensure you have all the tools and support necessary to find financial peace.

Using a values-centered approach, Andy helps clients maneuver the “noise” of finance, focus on their futures, and take action to achieve their goals and dreams. Unlike a majority of other financial advisors, Andy enjoys and is able to assist clients with every aspect of their finances.  Knowing that there is no such thing as an independent financial decision, Andy helps people understand the impact of financial decisions before the decisions are made.

As with the Air Force, Andy has found that relationships with people are more important than money—and with the right attitude, splendid things can happen.

Outside of work, Andy is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Management, completes Chartered Financial Consultant classes through the American College and volunteers for his church—teaching premarital finance classes, stewardship classes and budgeting fundamentals. His focus is on stewardship and helping people learn about, and begin to apply, God’s financial principles. Andy and his wife, UkCha, have one daughter together, Amelia. His other “love” is all things Apple!

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Samantha (Sam) Miguel Bio

Admin Assistant


Samantha (Sam) MiguelSam hails from the Dominican Republic and, until 1994, travelled back and forth between there, California, and Hawaii.  She “planted” herself in Hawaii in 1994 where her father retired.  In 1997, she married her husband, Matt, who is a fireman here in Honolulu.

She has three children, David (24), Tanya (16), and Sarae (12).

Sam has worked as an administrative professional, in many different capacities, for nearly 30 years. Besides working part-time here, Sam also works at her church’s counseling center.

Away from work, she sings on her church’s vocal team, stays involved with her kid’s school community council boards, helps out with many different church and school extra-curricular activities, and even leads a handcrafting jewelry ministry from her home.  She also owns her own handmade jewelry business and loves soldering and tinkering with precious metals and semiprecious stones.

You’ll start hearing more from Sam, directly, as she gets more involved with day-to-day operations here.  She’s very organized and good at keeping me accountable to doing what needs to get done.


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